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Gonna be adding to the Memorial Room again - post re: Jendayi returning to Sleep for good

Gonna need a DRINK after all this! - post: reconnecting with living loved ones after the Desires storm

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Origami dragons are cool! - thread on Kay's post

Deva can have friends too, right? - thread on Antovil's post

Wandering Thomas - thread on Thomas's log

Papa Jack again - thread on Lucas's log

Papa Jack, Part II - aka YOU'RE BACK! - thread on Jendayi's post

Dead End's having a little problem - thread on Dead End's post

Jendayi IS a "little" problem - thread on Jendayi's post

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Death come's a-creepin' - thread on Death's log

*********AAAAAAAAND another fucking hiatus, March 15th (r-really more like the 6th or 8th) to March 27th*************

Papa-Jack's worried
- network post

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Just thought he'd clarify - post regarding the New Year's fireworks

Wow, you're, like . . . Omega Supreme sized!
- thread on Iron Giant's post

Greeting a new/old friend - thread on Nunnally's post

His mun's a worse DERP than he is - post regarding Xmas pressies, backdated to Xmas day

This looks and sounds familiar - thread on Wheatley's post

Ooooh whatcha watchin'? - thread on Jaime's post

Skellington's opened a fun new shop! - thread on Jack Skellington's post

Papa-Jack worries about his kids friends - thread on Nott's post

Great, another argumentative one; hopefully it's just the cold talking - thread on Crocker's post

Papa-bot trying to do his job...and feeling like he's failing
- joint post with Jendayi - Sanji, Jack Skellington, Lucas, Severus Snape

The blessing and the curse of the unaffected - thread on Lucas's post

Some attempt at damage control - post regarding moving to the Medbay for the duration of the storm

Checking in with an old friend - thread on Nash's post

Explaining reality storms... - thread on Lucas's post (and subthread with Nott)

Again... - thread on Zoro's post

And again... - thread on Kay's post

And again... - thread on Draco's post                               (LOL Poor Jack... XD;;;)

Death, you actually made him a bit nervous there for a moment - thread on Death's post

Hearth and home...I mean...wait, what? - log with V and Jendayi



Uh, Ratchet . . . you MISSED

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One geek to another - thread on Donatello's intro post

Maybe he's just in one of his moods - thread on Marian's post (re: Blurr's disappearance)

Awww, he'll make the other services, promise!...if he's not caught up in something - thread on William Jesse's post

Oh my gods, this is going to be so much fun! - OOC plot post for upcoming Xmas Storm

Jazz's music for Dead End and missing family - Dead End, Tails, Deadlock

Whole new meaning to having a cook who can't eat what he's making - thread on Death's log

Coming back to find his home more occupied than he knew - log with Nott and Lucas

- Suddenly. Winter.

SNOW FIGHT! - thread on Rex's post

Checking up on another friend - thread on Thomas's post

New workspace
- video (taking over TC's hangar)


Snuggle-pet - AU musebox with Chromia

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Intro Post - Dark Leo, Dead End, Jendayi, Blurr, Danny, Holiday (action thread), Skyfire (action thread), Sideswipe (with threadjack by Dead End), Tails, Tally, Lelouch, Monday, Jetstorm (three-way action thread with Blurr), V (action thread)

You called for a "Mad Scientist"? - aka: What a strange fellow, but hey, SCIENCE 8D! - Jack Skellington

The long-awaited drink with an old friend - Dead End

Re-meeting an old new-friend - Maid Marian

A little night music, guitar-style - Blurr

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(to be filled in when I have time to go back and gather all that again...)
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Personal Information
Name: Dragon
Age: 38
Personal DW: [personal profile] dragondancer5150
Email / AIM / MSN: (both email and AIM [yes the whole thing]), don’t have MSN, YIM: dragondancer5150
Current Character(s): None

Character Information
Character Name: Wheeljack
Fandom: Transformers, Gen 1 cartoon
Source: Wheeljack on TF Wiki
Also: His toy bio on

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